Wednesday, June 11, 2014

graduation day!

penny has just graduated from nursery school.  this morning we had a preschooler and this afternoon we had a kindergartner!  i have put together the side by side first day/graduation day photo:
 i don't know whether you can tell from this side by side comparison, but she is way bigger, and has much more of a girl face than a baby face.  she walked herself to school pretty much every day, except for the days when we sledded, she can write all of the letters, can write her name in hebrew, has learned about space and the ocean and butterflies and so many things i can hardly believe it.  she's such a friendly, happy person and she is so gosh darn smart i hardly know how to handle it.  i am so proud of this four and an almost half year old that i'm practically busting at the seams.
here is the longish video of her class' graduation performance:

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