Sunday, May 22, 2016


Today, completely unbeknownst to us, Penny took Milo out of his crib. She read him stories and we slept right through it. She took him to the bathroom with her because she needed to use it, and while in there, he took off his shirt, and she took off his pants and diaper so he could use the potty. Alex's first sight this morning was a totally starkers baby standing in our doorway. 

There was a wool festival at the Prospect Park Zoo, so after breakfast we headed over. The peacocks were showing their stuff:

Penny got to make felted balls and spool knit:

Milo found a petal that was shaped like a butterfly:

Penny carded some wool, and I showed the volunteer how a drop spindle works:

Then there was a sheep shearing demonstration. Apparently a sheep lost a horn, and according to Penny, there was blood EVERYWHERE, though Alex days it wasn't that bad. 
We got home, drank a gallon of water apiece, then headed downstairs to our awesome neighbor's 5th birthday party! It was Star Wars themed, and a great time was had by all.
Both kids were asleep by 7:15, and I am not far behind! Big, big day!

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