Monday, October 31, 2016

Ghouls & Gourds

This weekend was Alex's birthday, and we celebrated at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Ghouls & Gourds Festival!
We started off by trying on Halloween costumes.

Milo ditched his costume when we went to the playground, Penny ditched hers about halfway through the day's festivities.
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is big!  It's a good thing we had such an excellent navigator on hand
 Penny tried her hand at building a nest in the excellent children's area.
 Then she tried her hand at something she has never tried before - rolling down a hill.  This was one of my absolute favorite activities as a child - she seemed to enjoy herself.

 And here is a photo series for you.  A story in pictures if you will.  I will give you a small glimpse into what it's like getting a useable photo of my girl:

"Penny, can you please sit on that rock over there?  I would like to take a photo of you."  Result:
 "Great!  That was one for you.  Now can we take one for me?  Can you please smile?" Result:
 "Cool.  Now, Penny, what would you dress up as for Halloween if you weren't being Batgirl?"  "Real or imaginary?" "Whatever you like." Result:
 "Mommy, are you taking a video of me?" "No, just taking some pictures." "Oh, ok, I'd be..." Result:

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