Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day started on Friday for me, with a celebration at Milo's school. He walked and carried his own backpack:
 When we came in there was iced coffee and chocolate muffins waiting for us:
And hugs & kisses for the kids.
The kids decorated frames containing photos of us:
And they gave us cards they had made for us. It was a great morning.

For the weekend, I decided to celebrate my own motherhood on Saturday, and my mother on Sunday. It was a windy rainy cold day, and our plans were almost scuttled, but I decided to plow ahead and attend the Mother's Day Garden Party at the NY Botanical Gardens. Alex had to work, so I packed the diaper bag full of snacks and we rode the subway to the Bronx. The Garden Party had been moved indoors, but the kids made cards:
Milo loooooooved this stamper
 And Penny got her face painted:
The big draw to the Gardens was the Chihuly exhibit, and there were pieces like this outside:
 And pieces inside that integrated so organically with the environments inside. It was a gorgeous exhibit.

After lunching and wandering a bit, we walked over to the Zoo, which was empty. We didn't get to see many animals, but Milo did ride a carousel on an animal for the first time:

Though it was a soggy day, we had a super fun time!

Today we split up again, and I went to Queens to hang out with my mom, and Alex had the kids. He got me the best Mother's Day gift of all time - he got Milo's hair cut!
I am so pleased. So pleased that we can do this at bathtime:
I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day, everyone! Remember to embrace each moment, because it all goes by so quickly...

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