Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog is go!

hello, blogosphere!

ever since announcing our pregnancy, A. and i have been asked "when are you going to start a blog?" the answer, my friends & family, is today. we started off the day with a nuchal translucency screening, which went extremely well. we got to see the baby, we saw actual thumb-sucking, and were told that the baby is cute. also, without giving us the official word, our technician let us know that the baby is, in all likelihood, though it could change at any moment, a girl.

leave name suggestions in the comments - we're leaning towards "m" names, but are open, and any suggestions including middle names will be looked upon favorably.


  1. we are thinking about colors as names - we've tossed around a few, but we'll add gray in there as well. gray or grey? hmm...

  2. I think zoe would be a cool name given your last name...

  3. hee hee, i have friends in florida whose last name also begins with a z, and they just named their baby girl zoe!