Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

Hey everybody, A. here, the guy who's 50% responsible for Baby Z.

Unlike MOST expectant father's out there (you know who I'm talking about), I've tried to be as involved in this process as possible, from blogging (natch), to going to appointments with M., to holding the baby in my uterus while M. takes a nap.

On a related note, using our initials really makes me feel like we're in a Bond movie called "Nine Months Is Not Enough."

Anyway, as M. mentioned, now we kind of sort of know the sex of the baby, it's mainly about deciding on names. However, since she already covered that in her post, I'm going to suggest you comment with your best Baby Bond movie name. Then when we have a name for the baby, and a name for the movie, I'll photoshop a movie poster.

By the way, M. loves stuff like this. Loves it.


  1. tomorrow never cries?
    (this is a blatant rip off of eric's, so you don't need to greenlight it)

  2. On Her Majesty's Diaper Service

  3. You Only (de)Live(r) Twice

  4. Mom and dad seem to have played this game before!

    Diaper Mounds are Forever's true! Think of the landfills.

  5. Dr. GyNo

    Mine are getting weak - I may have to concede.

  6. License to Kvell

    (in Yiddish with English subtitles)

  7. The Spy Who Loved My Baby
    Moonraker II: Outer space now belongs to Baby
    The Bottle Is Not Enough

    I vote for Cry Another Day..

  8. i've been out of the blogosphere recently, so i'm happy to find out this news!!!

    My Bond Name suggestions (despite the fact that even if 007 really mated he'd never acknowledge the tike...)

    For Your Baby Only
    The Man with the Golden Kid
    Live and Let Change

  9. thanks, rachel & jen!

    i am giving up on trying to match everyone title for title - it's in the judge's hands now! :)