Thursday, September 9, 2010

baby sitting!

penny has figured out how to sit herself up without holding on to anything!  she changed radically when she could hold herself up in a seated position, and she has changed again now that she can get there herself.  she's generally happier and she's eating again!  she's also in the middle of a raging bout of separation anxiety, and gets frustrated when we take things away from her that she really wants.  we've had to empty all of our lowest shelves, and whatever she finds, she can carry with her from room to room.  she gets super excited when she sees either of us and waves hi and bye!
i bought a lot of clothes from ebay for her, and she had a great time sorting them with me!
i decided a little while ago to have a long term project - taking a photo of penny's hand on top of my hand every mother's day...but then i kept forgetting to do it.  so this week, we took the first of these photos, and i will definitely take one a year - hopefully in the mother's day general time frame, but if not, i'm not going to stress it.

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