Saturday, September 11, 2010

gentlemen, let this be a warning to you.

tonight, alex left penny & me alone in the apartment to go to friend's surprise party.  fellas, when you leave your ladies alone, who knows what sort of shenanigans they can get up to?  what sort of SPINACH BASED shenanigans?
when he left, penny started a pretty typical dinner, baby carrot in one hand, and no warning of what was to come; except perhaps the fact that she's not wearing a shirt....
but when all was said and done, she (and her carrot) looked like this:
not pictured is the spinach splatter on the wall, the floor, the chair, the couch and my computer (which are all behind her) from when she flung the bowl.
despite appearances, she ate quite a bit of spinach.

after penny went to sleep, i got up to solo shenanigans.  i have, for a very long time, HATED the lampshades that came with the lamps in our living room.  since the lamps and the accompanying shades came with the living room, and we paid not a penny for them, i felt bad complaining, and when i researched replacement shades i found out that holy heck, they are expensive!
a couple of weekends ago we stopped at my new favorite store in the slope - a supply store for absolutely every single craft you can think of, and several more that i can't yet identify BUT WILL.  i bought a yard of fabric and some elastic, and my lamp went from this:
to this:
success!  i only bought enough fabric for one lampshade, just in case the whole thing was a miserable failure, but i am super psyched to get another yard and cover the other one!  and then, scraps!  to make something else with!

you didn't think i was going to end with a lamp photo, did you?  nuh uh.  proof that penny got cleaned up all nice and pretty:

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