Friday, August 26, 2011


alex is away for a few days, so penny has had a babysiter all day yesterday and today.  she loves both of her sitters, but she knows that they come when neither of her parents are going to be around.  this morning, about half an hour before the sitter was due to arrive, i let penny know that he was coming.  usually she is very happy about this, and will wait by the door; but this morning she said to me "no, mama.  miss you!  no work!" and she got pretty upset.  i snuggled her and told her that i didn't want to leave, that i always come back, and that she was going to have an AWESOME time playing with her sitter.  i gave her a huge hug, she calmed down, and i went to the kitchen to pack my lunch.
when i came back, i found penny sitting on the floor, surrounded by all of the former contents of my pocketbook.  "no purse, mama.  no work".

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