Saturday, September 10, 2011

the best things in life are free

it's true.  and penny gets really good things!  for example, if you're penny, and you are taking a walk in the neighborhood, before you even leave your own block, the lady in the hair salon on the corner will come out to say hello, ask if she can give you something, and come back out again.  she will tell you that what she's going to give you cannot be found in american grocery stores - it is russian candy.  your parents will expect it to be a piece of candy.  but no!  it turns out what you are being given is
frozen chocolate covered cheesecake.
of course, you cannot beat the simple pleasure of
swinging in a swing
and, when we're talking about the best - The Best - things in life, there is nothing that beats having a couple of parents that will, every now and again, with zero warning, explanation or remorse
reveal your secret identity.

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