Wednesday, September 28, 2011

labels are important

penny is learning many things nowadays, at a rapid clip.  she loves to point at and identify everything, categorizing them and making sure that she knows what she's looking at.  she can identify by color, animal type, gender, size...she's working the adjectives and nouns.  she is also getting very good at remembering names and associating memories with the company she had at the time.  when we walk by restaurants in the neighborhood, she can tell you what you eat there, and who she's eaten at each one with.  i can ask her "where did you go with katy belle this morning?" or "who did you see at the playground yesterday?" and she is quick with a reply.

the other day, we were walking through the neighborhood, and a man greeted her with "hi, mami."
penny pointed at herself and said "little girl."

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