Tuesday, March 27, 2012

circus weekend!

this weekend we hopped in the car and went to the circus!  we have a poster from my circus days hanging over our dining table, and penny faces it every day.  the clown she knows the best, besides me, is sandor - and when she found out she was going to meet him, she was beside herself.  the only thing that made her as excited was knowing she was going to give muffins to the clowns.
patiently waiting outside the coliseum:

animal open house!
there are elephants over here.

penny had almost no interest in the adventure, which is fine.  we got to watch all of the proceedings from our seats.  the show was great!  penny spent most of the time asking "where is the ringmaster?" or "is it time to give the clowns muffins?"
after the show, we were picked up and brought back to the alley, where all the clowns were so nice to us.  penny was being very shy, but luckily, clowns know how to deal with shy kids :)  all of the swag came out of the trunks - i get the feeling our next circus trip will get her a little more comfortable with clowns.
yay for circus day!

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  1. update! last night as i was putting penny to bed, she said "mommy, let's talk about the circus". i asked her what she wanted to talk about, and she said "animals". i said that we saw elephants, zebras, dogs & cats and asked her what else "horses!", she replied. then i remembered "we also saw lions and tigers" "yes! and the tiger guy's name was alex and he said 'princess! PRINCESS! and also the ringmaster's name was jonathan'".

    i think she remembers the circus.