Saturday, March 31, 2012


today we went to a spider-man party at midtown comics!  alex invited penny and me to the ultimate spider-man release party, and we put penny in her spider-man hoodie and off we went!  on the way, penny asked if she would meet spider-man.  "maybe he'll be there", we replied.  penny said "i'll shake his hand and say 'nice to meet you'".  then she asked "will his mommy and daddy be there?" and we had to tell her no.  then she said "maybe his uncle!"  and alex and i both cried nerd tears.
the event was fun!  penny and i wandered around the store looking at all of the stuff while alex took photos and interviewed people.  we went to lunch, and then back to the shop to watch the preview premiere of the ulitmate spider-man tv show!  it was awesome!  penny got stickers and a comic book - she could not have been happier.
i am also in this photo.
(also, she had one red clip and one blue clip in her hair, because we are coordinated like that)

when we got home, we took a two and a half hour nap, then penny decided all three of her babies and i wanted tea, so we had a for-real-i-did-not-suggest-it-it-just-happened-and-i-could-not-believe-this-cliche-was-real tea party!

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