Sunday, July 29, 2012

another biggest day!

on thursday, penny had a pants off day, where she wore no bottoms and used the potty all day.  on friday she had a pants off morning, and yesterday we spent a couple of hours at home with no diaper, and then went out to see the bindlestiff family circus perform outdoors at lincoln center.  we had a great time watching the show and then it started pouring!  when we got home, we tried some more no diaper time, and she had an accident but it was no big deal.
this morning* we spent a couple of hours with her running around totally starkers, with a quick break for this:
she also provided me with a costume, and we went trick or treating all around the house.

when alex asked her if she wanted to go out and buy some big girl undies she said YES!
we let her pick out her favorites at the children's place, and then got a few more at target - they were all out of all of the fun stuff - no princesses, fairies, dora, or sesame street.  we did end up getting her some training pants as well.  we changed her into undies right at the mall, and she did great!  we used the bathrooms at several fine retail establishments, then we took her for a haircut.  she fell asleep in her stroller, and i was terrified that she'd have an accident, but she slept for almost two hours, woke up and i took her to the bathroom about half an hour later and all was good!  since we were having such an amazing day already, we decided to watch "toy story".  penny is aware of the characters, but had no idea of the story, and she totally dug it!  she had an accident after the movie, but that was really our fault, as we went straight into family band time without checking in to see if she needed to go.  we put her to bed in training pants, which look TOTALLY RIDICULOUS, but will hopefully get the job done.

so far, so good!

*the first thing she did this morning was "help set the table", which ended up looking like this:

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