Thursday, July 12, 2012

happy (very belated) father's day!

just because this post is coming late doesn't mean we love the fathers in penny's life any less!  sorry this is so late, everyone!

alex decided that he wanted to go to the bronx zoo for father's day, and since it's one of my very favorite places to go, i quickly agreed!  we got there 5 minutes after the doors opened, and got on the second monorail out of the gate!
we met up with my parents right outside of the monorail, and then penny and alex rode a camel!
we then met up with alex's parents, brother & his girlfriend, and we all ate lunch together.  my parents headed out, we saw a ton more animals, then went to dinner!  it was a really terrific day.  i'm sorry it's taken me a month to blog about it.  to make up for it, here are some adorable animal photos.


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