Saturday, August 18, 2012

sometimes i amaze myself.

usually, i am pretty confident with my craftiness and my ability to creatively problem solve.  i am pretty pleased with myself today, and i feel like this is an appropriate forum to tell you all about it.  moms of little girls out there, listen up!  also, maybe you've already thought of this yourself and i should just be quiet.
anyhoo, penny is now all undies all the time.  she has had several accident free days in a row, and stays dry all night.  this is awesome.  she is mostly  able to dress herself as well - also awesome!  the problem is the undies themselves.  while some of them have one design on the front, most are either solid color or an all over print.  this makes it really difficult to figure out which is the main hole, and where your legs are supposed to go.  also, it's basically impossible for a two year old to tell the front of a pair of tiny undies from the back (parents of little boys, i assume boys underpants have little flies or something that make this easier?  if not, hoo boy - keep reading).
a flash of genius struck me today.  while taking the laundry out of the dryer and making our famed laundry mountain, i told penny to meet me in the living room.  "today," i told her "we are giving all of your undies bellybuttons."  that's right!  at the top of the waistband, right in the front in the middle i made a little dot with a black sharpie.  it's on the inside of the waistband so you can't see it from the outside, and when i say that she caught on IMMEDIATELY, that is no exaggeration.  halfway through the marking up operation she asked me if i would be putting bellybuttons on all of her undies and when i said yes he said "mommy, that's going to really help me!"
so spread the word!  bust out the sharpies!  make your kids feel that much more independent!  bellybuttons for all undies everywhere!

also, hi, curicon!


  1. Excellent idea!! You should patent that!

  2. Awesome idea!! And hello from Curicon :D Thanks for the mention - it feels like we've made it to the hall of fame!! xxx