Tuesday, September 11, 2012


today was orientation day at preschool!  penny has been waiting for this day for so long!  the first time we took penny to school, it was for a tour and an informational interview for us.  then we told her she was going to be going to school, waited a few weeks, and told her we were going to a school party, which was at the park.
today we told her she was going to school, but it started at 11, and was only an hour and a half.  it was a GOOD hour and a half, though - she did a project:
(they made placemats - i assume they'll be laminated by tomorrow)
and played with a TON of classroom toys, including this unprecedented conversation between a penguin and an elephant:

she will eventually be going 5 full days a week, but the jewish holidays will be closing the school for many days in september, breaking up her weeks, which both keeps her schedule thrown off but also eases her into her new schedule.  i'm sure it will all work out!  it's got to be so confusing for her at this point!  she had a great time - she did not want to leave, which seems like a good sign to me!

here is her unofficial first day photo!  real first day tomorrow!

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