Monday, September 10, 2012

well, that's it, then...

this morning was our last regular walk to the subway all together.  every weekday morning (with very few exceptions) we have eaten breakfast together, gotten dressed, and walked me to the subway to work.  occasionally alex and penny would end up turning off early and going to the playground or bookstore, but the idea was the same.  recently, we have added the potty as part of our routine.  still, in essence, every day we have walked me to the subway as a family.
tomorrow is orientation at preschool, and wednesday she will be starting  five days a week.  the plan is for me to walk her to school and for alex to pick her up.  and that's it.  no more baby at home.  she is starting her school career.  the next 16 years of her life (at least) will be governed by the "school year".  so bittersweet - she is so ready for school, and is excited and wishes it all started today.  i am thrilled for her, and know we're sending her to a great place, but at the same time i am sad that she's growing up.  sad that she'll have experiences that neither alex nor i will be there for.  sad that she's not a baby anymore.  and of course that comes with a huge amount of pride in how capable she is, how quickly she integrates herself in a group situation, and how much personality and individuality she embodies at such a young age.

i hope preschool is ready for her.

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