Thursday, June 27, 2013

creativity abounds.

last night when i got home, penny decided to entertain us with her ukulele.  she played a few songs before launching into what can only be described as the most amazing song ever.  she was wandering around the living room strumming away with her eyes shut tight.  she would occasionally trip over something or stumble headlong into the coffee table.  the lyrics went:

"i'm siiiiiinging/with my eyes closed"

and it was amazing.

this morning, penny alex and i were walking to camp, and she was "reading" us stories from a book she was carrying with her.  the stories were called:

- the mockingbird and the peasant
- the king and the crown
- the monkey and the banana

each of them was presented in the same way; she told us the title, waited a beat and then began the tale.  it was awesome.

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