Tuesday, June 25, 2013

wondrous wedding weekend!

this weekend, alex's cousin nicole got married, and penny was a flowergirl!  we started out the weekend getting mani/pedis - penny's first!
she got a color changing manicure with flowers painted on her thumbs!

we packed our bags and headed to the hamptons!
we got settled in our hotel, and then headed out to the rehearsal dinner.  penny had me turn the ribbon from our welcome gift into an ergo for her baby:
we had a lovely time, and penny got to stay up super late!
did you know that there was a long island aquarium? there is! and it was attached to our hotel!  amazing and perfect!  we spent the morning there, penny and i went swimming in the hotel pool, and then it was time to get ready for the wedding!  penny was an incredibly beautiful flower girl:
and she did a really great job!  she ended up turning the basket over to dump out the petals, in the way that only a three and a half year old can, and i'm sure it's going to make for some amazing photos.  i can't wait to see what the pro photos look like.  penny got to stay up even later, and she had ice cream for dinner!  it was a really beautiful wedding, and we thank nicole and jeremy for including penny in their special day!

we drove home on sunday, and took advantage of our zipcar to go grocery shopping in a big way!

monday was the first day of camp:
we think penny is having a good time, but she comes home so exhausted that she hasn't told us much about it.  i think that's a good sign!  i know they had a music class yesterday, and went swimming in the pool today.  hopefully we'll get more news as the summer progresses :)

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