Tuesday, July 8, 2014

penny's art show

when i came home from work this evening, penny and her sitter had something very special to show me.   they had made a project together, and the reveal was just as exciting as the painting itself.  first, i had to turn on a light for penny, and she showed me the "do not enter" sign taped to the wall.  next, she told me that "there are three very important rules about this project.
- do not step on it
- do not touch it
- do not smell it
- and least important, do not step on it"

she then asked the sitter for the key to the room, and dramatically "unlocked" the living room/gallery.  did i mention she was wearing a princess skirt this whole time?  as it turns out, it was a delightful collaborative watercolor, but the presentation really put the whole thing over the top.

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