Wednesday, December 31, 2014

happy new year!

this was a giant year for us - we added milo to our family, and penny started kindergarten!  we have a grade schooler and a baby!  milo is doing his very best to crawl, and he loves to eat food (peas are his current favorite), sit up, and look at penny.  penny is reading, writing and drawing all the time.  she loves to take care of milo, and they are quite a team.  penny's resolution for this year is to get better at the monkey bars.  alex has resolved to not use his phone at all tomorrow, and i am going to try to remember to water the plants.  milo is going to work on crawling, talking, and sleeping through the night in 2015.  those of us who were around last year did a pretty good job of keeping the apartment straighter and cleaning up after ourselves.  hopefully it's enough of a habit now that we won't have to make it a resolution again in 2016.
while this year came with challenges, it had lots of amazingly good moments, too.  i am grateful to have such amazing friends and family surrounding us, and am looking excitedly forward to this new year!
from our super family to yours, happy 2015!

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