Saturday, April 18, 2015

finally, an outside day!

though it's been getting warmer, today was the first day that all four of us could be outside together.  we started out with boring stuff - library, bank - but we had bagels:

and then we went to the park!  it was such a beautiful day, penny and alex decided to do a little exploring:

 then we all went to visit the prospect park zoo!  it's hard to believe, but it was actually hot outside!

 then penny and i took a spin on the carousel:

and then we headed home.  according to alex's phone, we walked just a little over 8 miles today!  that's pretty good for some 5 year old legs!
when we got back, i spent probably 45 minutes trying to get a photo of the star of our lives recently, milo's tooth, before it's joined by another (very possibly tomorrow)
milo's newest trick is clapping - i'll try to grab some video soon!

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