Monday, April 6, 2015

story structure and narrative arcs: achieved

before bed for a while now, penny and i have been reading chapter books.  when i told her that one of my favorite books growing up was "the phantom tollbooth", and that the main character's name was milo, it was an easy choice for our next book (our last was the third harry potter).
we were about halfway through the book (we read two chapters a night) when penny asked me
"mommy, does milo stay in this land forever?"
"no, he goes home at the end - remember he got two coins at the beginning?"
"oh, but i'll bet he learns his lesson."
"his lesson?  what do you think his lesson is?"
"to pay attention to what's going on and to make his own fun.  he shouldn't be so bored all the time."

bingo.  halfway through.  norton juster should be proud.  i know i am.

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