Sunday, March 29, 2015

eight months old!

today, milo is eight months old!  he has slept in his crib for the whole night for the past two nights (we took a long pause on sleep training due to teething).  he balanced on his feet without holding into anything for a few seconds.  he is in constant motion, climbing up and over anything in his path.  last night, he discovered that he enjoys noodles (you can drape them over his tooth and he can bite through them) and today he ate tiny bits of rotisserie chicken and broccoli.
because the weather is still in the 30s (it is the end of MARCH!!!), we still haven't been able to take him to a playground and let him explore, but i remain confident that he is going to have the best time.
also he learned to fly.  whatevs.

this is a total action shot.  the boy will not stay still.

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