Sunday, March 1, 2015

february catch up

this winter has been never ending.  the snow came down, started to melt, froze into rock hard ice mountains, then more snow came down.  repeat ad nauseum.  it's not as bad in ny as it is in new england, and i truly hate complaining about the weather, but we are all going a little crazy.
milo can now pull himself up to stand, and he can well and truly cruise, and i wish i could take him to a playground to let him try all this stuff outside!  penny is growing at a super rapid clip and hops like a bunny wherever she's going - she needs a solid couple of hours of climbing, swinging, and running.  milo has started teething!  he loves punching me in the face at 4am!
nevertheless, we had a wonderful valentine's day

a terrific time at the circus:
and milo got a bouncer:
milo is now eating food all day long, and he cannot get enough.
because february is such a short month,  milo is now:

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