Tuesday, March 10, 2015

weekend report

this weekend, alex took penny on a daddy date to a preview of "cinderella".  i managed to fix up a dress for her, and she was super excited to see both it and "frozen fever" before anyone else!

milo and i stayed home and worked on adjusting to daylight savings, being outside in the above freezing weather, and cruising!

he's constantly pulling himself up on stuff, and can walk around the table, get from the table to the couch and back, and can walk if he's holding onto something.  it is both remarkable and terrifying.  he's been teething, and this means he's been spending most of the night with us.  i feel so terrible for him - he's such a good natured baby, but this is clearly causing him a ton of pain.  yesterday, though, i felt it!  it broke through!  only...19 more to go, right?  he's got such an adorable gummy smile - i wonder how he's going to look with teeth!
so long as we still get to do this, whatever he looks like is fine with me:

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