Friday, March 25, 2016

milo's first running joke!

tonight we were all super sleepy.  penny fell asleep in our bed, and milo and i fell asleep on the couch, and we all did not wake up until alex told us it was dinnertime.  in fact, it was pretty late for dinner, so we all groggily sat at the table and woke up while we were eating our ravioli (thanks for making dinner, alex!).
we talked about the shapes that penny and milo were eating (stars, hearts, rocket ships, teddy bears, dinosaurs...) and in the middle of that, milo took his fork, pointed it at the window and said "yummy sky!"  we all told him "no, don't eat the sky!" and he got it and thought it was hilarious.  in between bites, he kept alternating between "yummy sky!" and "yum yum yum" and it was super hilarious.  he then branched out into other things not to eat - the tissue box, a book, the plates & cups, and all of the members of our family, but he kept coming back to the sky, which was so funny to all of us.

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