Wednesday, March 2, 2016

weekend catch up on wednesday

hello there!  we had a super busy weekend, and very few pictures to show for it.  we started out on saturday at the circus.  it is sandor's last year on the road, and he has always been so kind and generous to penny (and me!) that i don't know what the blue unit (my old home) is going to be like without him.  this was the second time seeing this show for us, and we had just as much fun the second time around - also, we got to see it with milo this time, which was nice!  he had been pointing to the posters for a week leading up to the circus and making appropriate animal noises, so it was super fun to watch his reaction to the elephants, tigers and doggies!
there may have been some pre-circus donuts.  if you're picking up a free roll, you gotta feed the kiddos too.

cotton candy.

for alex: a pig on a slide.
penny <3s sandor="" td="">

clown props = never not funny

20 years ago, sandor spent many weeks trying to teach me how to do a back handspring.  no luck.
after the show, we picked up some essentials, because next week we are going on VACATION.  more on that later.

on sunday, penny and i got pedicures, because VACATION.  it was penny's first professional pedicure, and she decided that she really likes it and we should do it all the time.  i agree, but this is an expensive thing to decide to like at 6 years old.  i told her it can be a special tret.  but she now has color changing nail polish on her toes, and they added a bonus sparkle topcoat, so i totally get why she loves it.
after our pedis, i took the kids to a staff concert at penny's school.  it was super fun!  lots of folk music, lots of dancing, and penny's best friend was there, so they glommed on to each other, and i got to sit in the back with milo and enjoy singing along.

since my last post, milo and i have moved where we spend our weekdays - i am no longer in midtown, but in chelsea/the flatiron, and milo is at a different branch of the same daycare that fortuitously opened about a month before my move.  he is having a great time

but we miss mr. matt and the rest of our columbus circle gang terribly.

tonight, parent teacher conferences!

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