Tuesday, July 5, 2016

a day of firsts!

today was penny's first day of camp
as well as her first official violin lesson!  she did very well at both - she has friends and counselors from last year, and is excited to be kicking off camp with a week of mini-musicals.  this week is "let's go fly a kite" based (very loosely, if last year is any indication) on Mary Poppins.  we have a violin teacher coming to the house once a week, right now penny is learning how to stand and hold the violin - i'm sure her year of tumbling is helping with her control and strength.

today milo started his transition into toddler twos!  for the first time ever, he walked on their morning walk, rather than taking the mega stroller:
he'll spend a little more time each day there until friday, when i'll start dropping him off in that room for good.  the teacher says she's going to potty train him!  both kids are so big!

we spent part of this holiday weekend celebrating papa dan's 70th birthday - on the train home today, the announcement said "this is a coney island bound f train".  milo said "i like it train", then when he was starting to settle down to sleep, he said to me "i like it music".

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