Friday, July 29, 2016

dear milo

happy birthday, my darling boy.  there are no more babies who live in my house.  you have grown and changed so much this year - you have started potty training, drinking from a real cup (you used a glass one this evening), and putting together real sentences and thoughts.  when you find out new information, you say "oh".  when you ask what something is and you are told, you say "ok".  you know the differences between, and excitedly point out ambulances, the sweeper, ice cream trucks, fire engines, police cars, garbage trucks, dump trucks, bulldozers, buses, school buses, and mail trucks.  you have opinions about which shirt you would like to wear.  you love seeing the "little guys" at 14th street.  you are an incredible dancer.  you can count to 12 (and will sometimes follow it up with ha, ha, ha, ha - a la the count). you know the words to tons of songs, including "sweet baby james".  you love to read.  you are so funny - on our way into baby school this morning, we ran into one of your teachers, and when you wouldn't tell her what was in the bag that we had just picked up, she guessed carrots (it was donuts).  you wouldn't say a word to her, but when we got to your teachers, when they asked you what you were carrying, you gave them a wicked smile and said "carrots".  on our way home today, when i asked you whether you were a big boy or a little boy, you told me "baby.  no, noodle.  no, dog"  then discussed your dog traits for the rest of the way home.  i have loved commuting with you, though i know that's coming to an end.  i have loved our bottle, snuggle and lullaby time, though that's probably winding down as well (at least the bottle part).  your fierce independence but total devotion to penny warm my heart.  the glimpses of the man you're going to become poking through your baby cheeks give me a thrill.  i love you so much, and i am excited for all of the big changes that this year will hold - preschool, big bed...  happy second birthday, little dude.  you're my favorite noodle.

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