Saturday, December 17, 2016

Penny's Pirate Mini Golf Party!

When Penny woke up this morning, this doll was waiting for her. Its name is Penny, it has fabulously long hair, and Penny has been wanting it for about six months.  She may have been slightly excited about it.  
There is a fabulous place near us called Shipwrecked, which is an indoor pirate themed miniature golf place.  As soon as I heard about it, we took a day trip (during the summer when it was unbearably hot outside) and we knew it would be perfect for Penny's birthday.  They welcomed us, and Penny immediately got into the pirate mood
 The kids were all gathered, and they watched a video with effects - basically, you're hunting for treasure as you play mini golf.
The designers are all theatre people, so scattered throughout are token-operated effects.  The lighting in all four golf rooms is awesome, and the whole place is super fun for everyone.

 You are legally required to serve pizza at Brooklyn birthday parties.
 Are you wondering whether I made a fabulous cake?  I did.  It has rainbow-order chocolate coins around the outside because that's how I roll.

 Oh, did I mention Penny asked for there to be both pink and purple polka dots inside this cake?

It was a really fun time, and now Penny is

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