Sunday, November 28, 2010


happy thanksgiving week!  here at chez z, we have so much to be thankful for - we hope you all had a safe and delicious thanksgiving.  we sure did!
penny started getting a cold at our thanksgiving celebration, and we think it's on its way out now, but she's been sniffling and coughing and not sleeping a whole heck of a lot the past couple of nights.  we're lucky that she has such an even temperament, though - she's not letting it get her down!  we started off our thanksgiving day watching the parade on tv - penny was enraptured by both it, and a bagel the size of her head. 
what i'm thankful for.
we know five people in the parade this year (hi, mark, barry, kevin, mary & jen!)!  we celebrated with tons of cousins in brooklyn.  on friday, we went to visit grandparents and great grandmas.  penny is lucky enough to have three great grandmothers to celebrate with, and we are so excited that she got to see all of them this week! at grandma and grandpa zalben's house, penny opened early birthday and chanukah presents, and enjoyed an impromptu concert by uncle jonathan!

on saturday we had dinner in the city with a gr-aunt, a gr-uncle, grandparents, an uncle and a cousin!  fun!  more deliciousness!  then, today, we had an early chanukah celebration!  more family!  more food!  MORE COUSINS!
everyone in this photo is somebody's cousin.

is has been a very packed four days - penny has been quite a trooper through all of the travelling, and hopefully she's on the mend.  

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