Sunday, December 5, 2010


on thursday, when i started thinking about what i would post this week, i was coming up very empty.  penny still had her stuffy nose, she was kind of sleepy and out of it, and there were no developments to speak of.  but on friday, i got a call from alex - penny had gotten top teeth!  he could definitely feel one, and there was a tiny nubbin of a second!  well, that surely was enough to write about, no?  and it would have been, too - but when i got her to giggle with an open mouth to take a look in there, i saw not two, but THREE teeth looking back at me!  THAT'S got to be enough to satisfy you blog readers, right?
it sure would have been, except that as of today, penny has decided she's interested in walking!  the penny signal for "up" is slightly modified by flapping, and that means that she would like to hold on to our fingers and walk!  it's super exciting!  she has also balanced on her own two feet for several seconds!  it turns out to have been a VERY exciting weekend!

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