Wednesday, December 29, 2010


we had a giant blizzard this week!  luckily, i have the week off of work, as the side streets weren't plowed for days, and the subways shut down.  when it first started snowing, we took penny out for her first true winter experience (we brought her home from the hospital in a snowstorm, but none of us were too coherent at that point).

oh, did i mention she can stand now?  yeah, she thinks it's no big deal.  she just stands there looking all pleased with herself.  i applaud for her every time, but she's too cool to acknowledge it anymore.
we stayed inside all day when the blizzard was actually blizzarding, as it was far too intimidating.  while trapped inside, we were visited by the one, the only - Boxhat!  
we may have gone a little stir crazy.  also, check out that belly!
 the day after, i ventured out into the crazy snow to gather supplies (i am a jewish mother now!  my chicken soup is no longer just tasty, it now has magical healing properties!).  
yesterday, we all went out into the world together.  lucky for penny, she received both a sled and snowpants for her birthday!
as soon as our internet stops being so spotty, i will upload video of penny walking around with our help!  it's amazing!

edited to add: it is also confirmed - she is getting four top teeth all at once!  check it out in the above photos!

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