Friday, December 17, 2010

dear penny

as of this minute, you are one year old.  i cannot even remember what the world was like before you.  though this year has flown by for me, it must have taken such a long time for you - you have already learned so much!  though my nickname for you is "tiny", your personality is oversized.  you are funny, beautiful and wise.  you are just as comfortable in a room full of people as you are sitting by yourself with a book.  your dad and i hope that today you will take your first step.  i am so proud to be your mother.  it is an honor to be raising you and it is a privilege to make you laugh.  i hope your smile never dims and your eyes are never less bright.  you love to eat grapes.  you are so musical - i have never heard a baby able to reproduce sound like you can, and for someone who can't stand up on their own, you have some killer dance moves.  i hope you did not inherit my: bad back, love for terrible food, terrible sense of geography.  i hope you did inherit my: patience, courage, craftiness.  i cannot express to you how loved you are.  you have an incredible family and massive circle of friends, all of whom are delighted to spend time with you.  it has been such a joy to spend your first year by your side, and i can't wait to see how much more is waiting for us down the road.


  1. And I am weeping. Happy Birthday Penny, I love you so much (and your beautiful Mama too.