Thursday, March 24, 2011

fifteen months!

penny is now fifteen months old!  thursday was circus day!  we had an excellent time at the show - penny watched the whole thing, and though we had to take a walk to the top of the section to get a little distance a couple of times, overall i think she had a good time!  we got to spend some time with friend clowns after the show, and it was a wonderful time catching up with them.
this week we went to the doctor for penny's checkup, so i have new stats for you!  she is 21lbs 9 oz (25th percentile) and 31 inches tall (70th percentile).  the doctor says she's right on track development wise, and complimented her on her calm demeanor during the exam.  unfortunately, she was not so calm when she got this round of vaccinations (hep A and chicken pox), but she got a circus band aid, so all is well.  also, according to the doctor, she is getting 6 teeth right now, so we're being generous about her crankiness and random screaming.
we had a lovely girls' weekend together, and finally we had gorgeous weather.  we spent most of our time outside in the playground, waving at kids, eating an alarming amount of snacks, and working on stairs and ramps.
i am REALLY excited to show you this video.  i am increasingly convinced that we have a cute baby:

also,this week's photos:


  1. You don't just have a cute baby, you have an insanely super cute baby. So fun! I love your updates. =)

  2. thanks, katie! i am loving your blog, too!

  3. And a Lauren says, OH MY GOD SO CUTE!

  4. you're not so bad yourself, missy! and gibson! i can't take it! when are we going to chaperone them on their first date?