Tuesday, March 15, 2011


spring is slowly but surely arriving - it's getting nice enough to spend significant time outside.  poor penny had a fever and has a cough, and she's getting at least three teeth right now.  this has not stopped her from enjoying her weekend!  we spent a good two hours or so at the park on saturday, and she did not put her snack down for a moment.  she enjoyed watching other kids play, and clapping along with them and laughing with them but she wasn't in a playing mood.  saturday night, my parents came over to hang out with penny, and alex and i went to dinner and a movie!  we had a lovely time, and so did they.
on sunday, alex's parents came over and we all went to the prospect park zoo.  we had a great time visiting with the animals, and we got to watch the sea lions get fed.  the day had a rough patch in it, but overall it was a great time!
hopefully this week penny will continue to get better, and everything will get a bit easier.

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  1. It's supposed to be absolutely gorgeous this weekend, so hopefully she'll be feeling much better by then!