Tuesday, March 8, 2011


i think penny is getting the terrible twos early.  is this possible?  she has been asserting her will all over the place, and is testing her limits all the time.  she's also moving from two naps to one, which means that she's exhausted absolutely all the time.
on the other hand, she is learning words at an amazing clip, she's getting funnier and funnier, and she is a super personable baby who loves to snuggle.
the other morning, alex was on the AM shift, and the two of them were playing in the living room while i tried to get a few precious moments of morning sleep.  she came charging into the bedroom shouting "mama, mama!,"  pointed at me, wanted me to get out of bed and pick her up, and then pointed to my nightstand very deliberately saying "guh, guh."  when i put my glasses on, she said "YAY" and clapped.  i can't tell if she was super psyched that i put my glasses on (which means that i am definitely up for the day) or that she successfully gave me a command that i understood on the first try.  either way, it was a fantastic moment and we were both full of joy.

the past few days have been slightly more trying.  i know we'll get through it, and i am glad that we have a spirited daughter who is clearly intelligent and opinionated.  it's just hard that every time it seems to get really good and easier, we make it to another hurdle to get over.  but never mind that!  we had a great weekend of inside and outside funtimes!


  1. It's not too late Marni, you can break her spirit yet!

  2. She looks like such a big girl now! I told you the toddler age is the most fun...forgot to warn you that it is also the most trying! Still, enjoy it while it lasts...It really does go by so quickly (though it might not always feel that way)!

  3. She is so smart and adorable. You probably already have Richard Scarry's "First Word Book". My children and grandchildren loved it when they first started to talk.