Monday, May 9, 2011

happy mother's day to me!

for mother's day, alex gave me the best gift that any parent of a toddler could receive.  when  penny woke up, he got up with her, took care of her, and then took her out of the house until 11am.  i slept until 10:45.  it was glorious!  he brought us all breakfast, including my new very favorite beverage, dirty chai (that's a chai latte with a shot of espresso in it.  yum.).
after breakfast, we all headed to the subway together, alex and i called our moms, and we went to the museum of natural history!  we saw the blue whale, the hall of biodiversity, the animal dioramas, the gem room - we saw it all!  it was so much fun!  lots of photos follow - the collage is from our day in the park on saturday, and then there are museum pix!

this one is x-tra large because i love it.


  1. Oh, Alex is awesome! 10:45 is truly a decadent sleeping in! I need to know, where did this dirty chai come from, because I want me one. And I love that you guys took Penny to the Museum of Natural History.

  2. the original and best dirty chai, in my opinion, is from ozzie's. the one closest to us doesn't have it on the menu, but if you ask them for it they should know what you're talking about. the one further up on 7th ave has it on the menu, and that's where i had it first. alex got mine from cocoa bar - also very tasty. you can also ask starbucks to put a shot of espresso in a chai latte for you - if you happen to be near a starbucks (and let's be honest, when are we NOT?).
    i have been dreaming of taking penny to the MoNH since she was super tiny. this was totally the right age to go - she got a bit overwhelmed and had a small meltdown, but once we strapped her in her stroller she was good to go again!

  3. Was there any tipping over backwards? It was you, Marni, that first told me about seeing a little one look up up up up and then fall over from all the looking up.

  4. no, we didn't get to the big BIG dinos this time. maybe next time - i can only hope!

  5. aw, thanks, martha! that means a lot coming from you - someone who knows cute! hopefully we can get some better photos of her somehow? SOMEHOW?