Monday, May 2, 2011

three stories

a warning.  while we were out and about today, i tried to turn on my camera to take some photos, and noticed that the bottom flap was open and my battery was missing! i had left it plugged into the charger, so this will be a very text heavy post.  stick around, though, i'll try and make it worth your while.

story #1.

there was a family fun fair a couple of blocks away from us on saturday, and we took a walk through.  at the back of the fair was a bus from north shore animal league with dogs on one side and cats on the other.  the dogs were all super loud (including one dog that sounded exactly like a person making dog noises) and penny wanted nothing to do with them.  when we went over to the cat side, she wanted to stay and look at them, but hearing the dogs and seeing the cats was really messing with her baby brain.  we left the fair and took a long walk.  about half an hour later, we were watching a wedding party taking photos in a churchyard nearby.  all of a sudden, penny started pointing and saying "cat cat cat cat cat cat" very excitedly.  she was pointing at a party van parked nearby with a passing resemblance to the adoption van.  she then started asking, complete with a question face and putting both her hands out with a shrug "cat go?" (translation: "where did the cats go?") we took her back to visit with the cats again, but she was much less interested in actually seeing them than in asking where they were.  when we got home, she stood in the living room and pointed at the front door saying "cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat" long enough that we thought she had finally gone insane, and even now, every now and again she'll put her hands out to the side, wrinkle up her nose and say "cat go?" because she knows we think it's hilarious.

story #2

on our walk, alex took penny into the supermarket to get a snack while i did a bit of shopping.  one of penny's favorite things to eat while we're out and about are these fruit pouches- they're awesome.  alex was letting her choose her own, and she saw this one.  she shrieked, and started flipping through them saying "elmo, elmo!" until she found this one.  now, as you readers may know, penny has never seen an episode of sesame street.  she has no reason to link cookie monster and elmo.  she had never seen this brand of pouch before - she did not know that an elmo version existed, never mind that one would be hiding behind the cookie monster variety.  this child is astounding.

story #3

we went to cousin brayden's second birthday party on sunday.  we had a great time, and penny ran around and was being a bit shy, but overall was a pretty good baby.  she passed out in the car on the way home, but unfortunately perked right up on the walk back to the apartment.  we were talking about the day as i was changing her into pajamas, and i asked penny if she remembered singing to brayden.  she clapped, which she does every time anyone says or sings "happy birthday".  i said "that's right!  we sang happy birthday to brayden because it was his birthday party.  now he is two" and she looked at me with her little twinkle and said clear as a bell, "two".

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