Wednesday, May 4, 2011

this morning

penny and i were playing together after breakfast, and she was carrying her "baby" around.  alex gave her an empty tissue box to play with (we spoil this child like nobody's business) and she put her doll on the rug and then covered her with the tissue box.  i said "oh, is your baby taking a nap?  what a nice blanket!",  at which point, penny took me by the hand and led me to her crib, pointed and said "blanket!".  i took out one of her blankies and gave it to her, telling her it was the perfect size for her baby.  i sat down on the floor to continue playing and she pointed at me, said "baby!  baby!", and gave me a light push so that i would lie down.  she then covered me with the blankie, put her head down on my leg and pretended to nap.  if alex had come in he would have seen what was either the world's lamest slumber party, or coziest massacre.

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