Tuesday, June 28, 2011

18 month checkup!

the 18 month checkup is, apparently, the one where all of the questions on the checklist are designed to trick you into telling the doctor your baby is autistic.  we saw through this ruse pretty quickly.
the doctor is still totally in love with penny, and thinks that she's perfect in every way.  penny gave her a hug and a kiss this time, so that's pretty nice.  she confirmed that penny is getting three teeth (her canines, which you'd think would be penny's favorite, but no...) which explains her crankiness and general falling over.  she did do many of her tricks for the doctor this time - pointing out various body parts, drawing with her pen, the aforementioned hug & kiss...luckily, we make her perform a lot.
penny is now 33 inches (80th percentile) and 22lbs 10oz (25th percentile) which is pretty much where she was at percentage-wise at her last checkup.  i really don't understand these percentiles - she seems pleasantly plump to me, and i would expect her to be a stringbean with the numbers the way they are, but i guess that's why i'm not a statistician.
she got a booster in her leg that's not all scraped up - so now both of them hurt her, but she got the most amazing holographic band aid!  i am so jealous of this child!
we don't go back until two days after her second birthday!  i can't even imagine what she'll be doing at that point!

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  1. I know at the office I worked in there was another (actually the same) autism spectrum disorder screening at 24 months as well. Start cramming now!

    I can't wait for Gibson's 1 year checkup which is tomorrow! I don't have any quizzes, but I do get to find out his wacky percentiles!

    Time sure is flying!