Saturday, June 18, 2011

18 months!

it's really hard to believe, but penny is now a year and a half old!
no sign, but i think you get the idea.

last weekend was sketchfest - penny spent her first weekend away from us at her grandparents' house on long island.  we were super busy, but she had a phenomenal time, and this will definitely make it easier for us to let her go sleepover in the future.  she is talking all over the place - stringing words together, understanding concepts, and generally being awesome and funny.
also!  penny's new best friend/fiance was born yesterday - desmond justice layne may live in VA, but the two of them are destined to fall in love someday.  all of the zalbens are so excited to meet the newest little layne!


  1. Of course Desmond and Penny are destined for each other. So much so, it's like right out of a tv show or something!

  2. It's amazing, right? We're in the process of building a boat (that's not hers).

  3. Hooray! (But aren't you supposed to build a wall if you want them to fall in love someday?)

  4. It's such a hodge-podgeny. However! What Lauren and I are referring to is this: (very specific giant nerdery!)