Wednesday, December 19, 2012

big girl!

i got penny out of school a little early today and we went to the doctor!  our usual awesome doctor is out on maternity leave, so we got to see another awesome doctor in the practice, who is the first doctor penny met in the hospital!  penny is now 30 pounds 6 ounces, and 37 inches.  she is right on for her age, and while she didn't have the happiest appointment of her life, she did make it through; inhaled flu vaccine and all.
from the doctor we went to the supermarket, where penny picked out her own apples and was generally chatty and fantastic, then to "fancy lady time", which is where i get a coffee and she gets a milk in a coffee cup and we talk about our day and say "fancy lady time" a lot.  we got home and i started chopping veggies for stew.  penny asked if she could help.  are you kidding me?  guess who cut all of the potatoes for the stew?

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