Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year!

i am very pleased to be saying farewell to 2012.  there were plenty of good things that happened this year, but overall i'd say it was challenging, and i'm eager to get a fresh start and kick off an awesome 2013!
penny has come leaps and bounds this year, thanks to her school, her friends and her awesome family. we were discussing resolutions this morning, and she has resolved to become batman this year.  and, if i remember correctly, eat more candy.  she is super close to accomplishing all of her resolutions from last year - though she can't read yet, she can recognize all of the letters, and knows what sounds they make.  i'm going to keep reading as a resolution for this year, and add being able to write her name, and corresponding with friends more.

i wish you and yours all of the best for 2013.  we all deserve a break this year, and i hope that you and those you love get all that you need and more.

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