Tuesday, December 11, 2012

penny's debut!

tonight, penny had her stage debut!  i recorded the whole thing, and it was exceedingly adorable, but somewhere between my camera and my computer, the file has been eaten.  so, imagine penny being smiley and excited, knowing all of the words and singing along, and then taking her final bow so emphatically that she almost launched herself off the stage (one of her teachers caught her).  i'm so glad that she seemed so comfortable up there - her whole class was great!  the teachers recorded them all in class today, just in case it had all gone horribly wrong, so when i get my hands on that file i will share it with all of you.  i am sad that you can't see what we saw, but i'm sure this performance won't be her last.

also, at dinner, this happened:
Knock knock
Who's there
Candles on your nose inside your nostrils with milk on it on top of a giant
Oh, on a fork. With meat. That's my joke

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