Sunday, January 13, 2013

aunt kate!

uncle jonathan married aunt kate yesterday, and we could not be happier.  penny and i lit a candle together, and penny did an amazing job and was so well behaved and delightful at the wedding.  there was a point where she changed into pajamas, and she and i were sitting on a couch together while dinner was being served, and she was chatty and funny, and she totally made me laugh.  it was a great moment together at a wonderful, joyful event.  i am so happy to welcome kate into a family that has so welcomed me.
today, though we were all exhausted, penny was just as terrific (except for the couple of minutes that we tried to skype with aunt dana & family, when she went out of her mind).  we played games and had a dance party on the moon and went grocery shopping and had a fun day as a family.  it's nice to have penny around.  we like her.

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