Monday, January 28, 2013

nothing to do!

i don't think that alex and i will ever start off our weekends saying that we have nothing to do again.  on friday, when we started reviewing what we had planned, there was nothing we could think of.  so we made breakfast with friends plan for sunday morning.  then we remembered we had passes for disney on ice.  then we got a text reminding us about alex's uncle's birthday party.  so our relaxing weekend turned into a super busy, but very fun weekend!
we started out at an 11am disney on ice show.  we didn't tell penny where we were going, just in case there weren't any tickets for us, and because it's fun to surprise her.  she thought that we were going for a walk in the snow!  we hadn't yet been in the barclay's arena, and were pleasantly surprised.  everyone was super nice, there was free stroller checking, and the place was spotless.  once we had gotten our passes, told penny what we were doing and gotten to our seats, i think she was pretty pleased:
we watched the first half, and she did great - even during the blackouts!  at intermission we decided we needed a snack, and penny and i bought a giant bag of popcorn inside a reusable bucket.  she told me "we usually have popcorn at shows", and i cannot disagree with that.
we went home and took an epic nap, then headed out to uncle steve's birthday party.  penny bellied up to the bar and proceeded to eat her body weight in cheese and grapes.  she loves poking things with party picks.  she ordered pineapple juice from the bartender, and sat on a barstool like it was the most natural place in the world for a three year old to be.
also.  at some point in the past, i tasted a glass of penny's water and said "it's definitely vodka".  how do i know this?  because at breakfast on sunday and this morning, she parroted it about a hundred times.  hilarious?  yes.  embarrassing?  only slightly.
we had a great breakfast out with friends, and then went on a tea & yarn date with mary & mike.  got home, watched a movie, then napped.  i fell asleep on the couch during penny's nap, and apparently she saw me sleeping, sneaked past me to use the bathroom, came back to check on me, then went into the bedroom to get alex and they both came and woke me up together.  amazing.  she ate the largest dinner i've ever been witness to, and didn't mind having her hair washed in the bath.  alex and i keep reminding each other to enjoy this time now - we have no idea when she's going to go back to whining and crying all the time.  i certainly hope that it's not anytime soon - she seems to have turned some kind of corner last week and is a whole new, delightful, charming, funny person.

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