Thursday, January 24, 2013

MLK day adventure!

we had an adventure on martin luther king, jr. day!  in the freezing cold weather, we decided to go to the brooklyn children's museum.  once we had trudged our way through the cold to the subway, we found out that the train routes and schedules were all bizarre. we decided to get off in a few stops and see what was open.  we tried the brooklyn museum - closed.  we tried the botanical gardens, which are not open on mondays, BUT, as it turns out, that's one of the two mondays a year that they are!
we had a great time exploring the frozen gardens.  penny brought a notepad and pen with her and took notes on everything, which was completely adorable.
we didn't want the fun to end, so we went across the street to the zoo!  we had a fun time at the zoo, too!
we asked penny if she knew about martin luther king and she told us that he taught us that it was ok to be friends even if you're different.  "like dean and i have different hair".  penny's teacher told me that she came up with this example all by herself in class, which is really nice.
i love adventuring!

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